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Motion Design Studio

Step into a world where animation and motion graphics come alive, igniting a visual symphony that captivates across platforms. Our skilled artists weave breathtaking pieces tailored for diverse needs, be it TV commercials, web promotions, internal communications, event graphics, logo animations, music videos, or broadcast graphics.

What sets us apart is our dynamic team—an ensemble of creative and technical virtuosos. With an interdisciplinary spirit, we tackle client challenges through a design-centric aesthetic lens. The result? A fusion of innovation and beauty that transcends expectations.

At our design studio, animation is an art, and motion graphics are the heartbeats of digital expression. Elevate your visuals with us and watch as creativity paints the canvas of your vision.

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Broadcast Design


In the world of broadcast design, we specialize in crafting compelling branding and rebranding experiences. Imagine bold titles that demand attention, seamless transitions that captivate, and striking supers that leave an indelible mark. These elements collectively shape the distinctive “look” of your broadcast, shaping how your audience perceives the quality of your program.

We understand the significance of making a visual statement. Every frame is a chance to showcase your essence, and we’re here to ensure you seize that opportunity. Whether for TV or the web, we transform your production into an unforgettable visual journey.

With us, broadcast design isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about wielding creativity to amplify your impact. Let’s weave your narrative into a tapestry of design excellence.

Title Sequences

As a design-based animation and motion graphics studio, Persis Films specializes in the development of cinematic broadcast title sequences. These typically provide an insight into the program or game that follows.

End Plates

Static endplates and stingers are so boring! You’ll see just how cool your endplate could be by working with Persis Films on an animated alternative.


An awesome transition can give your piece that “little bit extra” to improve its overall production value. Persis Films typically provide animated transitions as part of broadcast design packages but can deliver one-offs based on your requirements.

e-Sports Broadcast Design

In order to put together a cohesive eSports broadcast design package, our clients come to us asking for logos, lower thirds, scorecards, ladders, and backdrop animations among other graphic elements.


Seamlessly integrate text with your footage, add a whole building into a cityscape, or weave icons into live-action vision.

Sound Design

The in-house sound design and composition service provided by Persis Films offers a level of audio innovation unequaled in the motion graphics sector.

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