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Production House

Persis Films Production House is a leading production company specializing in providing ideal filming options for foreign productions in Turkey and the Middle East. With an in-depth understanding of the region’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Persis Films ensures that every production finds the perfect location for their story. From historical landmarks to breathtaking natural landscapes, the region offers an array of stunning settings that will captivate audiences worldwide.

Hassle-Free Production in Turkey.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of working with Persis Films, an Istanbul-based English speaking production company. Our friendly and smooth workflow ensures a seamless collaboration, allowing you to focus on your creative vision without any communication barriers. With us, you can avoid the hassle of Turkey’s bureaucratic system as we take care of obtaining necessary permits and handling all paperwork on your behalf. Rest assured, our team is equipped with the best tools and equipment to deliver high-quality production, whether it’s a music video, commercial, or any other creative project. Partner with Persis Films and enjoy a stress-free experience with a company that values your satisfaction and delivers exceptional results.

Film Production

Filmmaking is the core of what they do at Persis Films. They have demonstrated their proficiency and love for storytelling with an extraordinary portfolio of work that includes over 30 movies. Persis Films handles every aspect of the filmmaking process, from pre-production to post-production. Their skilled crew makes sure that your project is carried out without a hitch, producing top-notch movies that enthrall audiences and have an influence for years to come.

TV Series

With five highly regarded TV series under its belt, Persis Films is a creative force in the television industry. Persis Films brings your ideas to life on the small screen thanks to their extensive knowledge of the format and talent for engrossing storytelling. Their staff of experts works together with you to create engaging storylines that connect with viewers, regardless of the genre—drama, comedy, or anything else.

Documentaries and Short Films

Documentaries and short films have the ability to inform, inspire, and amuse, according to Persis Films. A vast range of documentaries spanning different topics and themes have been produced successfully by them. Persis Films gives a fresh viewpoint to documentary filmmaking, ensuring that your story is conveyed authentically and with impact on a variety of topics, from social issues to historical occurrences. Furthermore, because of their experience in producing short films, they can create engaging stories in a short amount of time, clearly and effectively articulating your concept.

Corporate Videos and Commercials

In the business world, using visual storytelling to communicate brand messaging and hold consumers’ attention is essential. Persis Films is aware of how critical it is to produce commercials and corporate videos with a lasting impact. They collaborate closely with companies and brands to produce original ideas that support their goals. Persis Films creates high-caliber videos that effectively convey your message and improve your brand, from scriptwriting to filming and post-production.

Post-Production Services

When the curtain falls and the cameras stop rolling, the true magic begins. The post-production studio at Persis Films is where your project transforms from raw potential into a polished masterpiece that dazzles the senses.
We believe that adding the final touches transforms a good project into something exceptional. Our skilled team of sound engineers, visual effects artists, and editors become the masterminds behind the ultimate shape of your production. To guarantee an immersive, engrossing experience for your audience, every frame is carefully examined, every sound is fine-tuned, and every pixel is perfected.

Your film is expertly assembled by our talented editors into a coherent and compelling story. Our editing skills guarantee smooth transitions, flawless pacing, and a story that comes to life on screen whether it's a feature film, a short documentary, or a corporate video.

Utilize our professional color grading services to take your visuals to new levels. In order to elicit the correct emotional response, we carefully choose the hues, tones, and contrasts for each frame. Our color grading enriches the tale by visually submerging your viewers in a range of tones, from lively and dynamic to moody and dramatic.

With our knowledge of visual effects and graphics, see your imaginative concepts come to life. We expertly incorporate magnificent components and effects into your movie to instantly take viewers to other places. Our team provides that special touch that draws the eye, whether it's through ethereal embellishments or sci-fi landscapes from the future.

Every production relies on sound, and our Foley and sound design services make sure the symphony is one that audiences will remember. Every footfall, rustle, and breath is painstakingly produced to envelop your audience in the aural fabric of your narrative. Every moment reverberates thanks to our sound design's enhancement of emotion, depth, and atmosphere.

Each of these services is enhanced by the technical skill and creative vision that Persis Films brings to the table, guaranteeing that your production not only meets but also surpasses your expectations. Every frame, every color gradient, every effect, and every sound reflects our dedication to excellence, innovation, and narrative. Let’s work together to realize your vision in a way that has never been possible.

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