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Welcome to Persis Films, your dedicated partner for exceptional TV and film production in Istanbul. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence, we bring your projects to life through top-tier production, visual effects, and motion design. As a leading production company, our focus is on delivering quality over quantity, ensuring every project shines with a Persis Films twist.

Our Approach

At Persis Films, we blend the artistry of a creative agency with the expertise of an audiovisual production powerhouse. Our collaborative approach encompasses every aspect of your project, from editing and color grading to sound design and visual effects. As storytellers and filmmakers, we transform scripts into captivating visuals and immersive experiences.

Meet The Team

Embark on a journey through the heart of our success – introducing our dedicated team of creative architects. Fueled by unwavering enthusiasm, we approach every project as an exhilarating adventure, relentlessly pursuing excellence in every step. Our core team leads the way, supported by a vibrant community of specialists who are finely tuned to each project’s unique requirements. Passion and innovation intersect seamlessly within our ranks, fostering an environment of continuous growth and exploration.

Xarovan Eskandari

CEO, Producer, Director and film editor

Baharak Salehniya

Actress, Screenwriter

Amir Mohabbati

Sound Designer, Foley Artist

Iman Tahsin

Filmmaker, Cinematographer

Sara Nasrabadi

Sound Recordist

Awards and Achievements

Last Few Weeks

Persis Films’ commitment to cinematic artistry has earned us esteemed recognition. Our film “Last Few Weeks” triumphed at the Creation International Film Festival, Canada, in 2018, securing awards for Best Film, Screenplay, Director, and more. The brilliance of “Last Few Weeks” extended to the London Lift-Off Film Festival, solidifying its global impact.

Women's Ward .ir

In the realm of theater, “Women’s Ward .ir” stood tall, securing three prestigious awards. Notably, at the Üstün Akmen Tiyatro Ödülleri 2023, the play earned the Selection Committee Special Award, showcasing its exceptional stage presence. 

Further acclaim came at the Yeni Tiyatro Dergisi Emek ve Başarı Ödülleri 2023, where our poster design earned the title of Best Design. Additionally, our commitment to the Turkish language was celebrated with the Contribution to Turkish Language Award, affirming our role in enriching cultural dialogue.

At Persis Films, our journey is defined by the synergy of creativity and dedication. We’re excited to share our achievements and to create even more extraordinary experiences in the future.

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