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Elevating Visual Effects

Welcome to Persis Films’ VFX Department, where imagination meets innovation. Our dedicated team specializes in crafting breathtaking visual effects that captivate audiences. From blockbuster movies to television masterpieces and multimedia ventures, we’re committed to bringing creativity to life.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our passion drives us to overcome the challenges of conjuring cinematic magic every day. With unwavering enthusiasm, we push the boundaries of what’s achievable, ensuring every project leaves a lasting impact.

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A Strategic Approach

At Persis Films, we recognize that the art of visual effects extends far beyond post-production—it’s a meticulous journey that begins well before the cameras roll. From pre-production to the final scene, we collaborate closely with directors and key stakeholders to seamlessly weave captivating visual effects into your project’s fabric.

Our experienced visual effects supervisors play a vital role from the inception, harmonizing creative vision with technical finesse. This collaborative approach guarantees precision and flair in realizing every envisioned effect.

Practical effects are equally important in our playbook. We understand the intricate dance required to synchronize these effects with performers and production teams. Our thorough planning minimizes hiccups, and our adept team remains adaptable even in live settings, where the tiniest misstep can have profound consequences. We are attuned to the costs and complexities of adjustments, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Expertise in Motion:

Witness the alchemy of compositing as disparate elements fuse seamlessly to craft a cohesive visual universe. Our mastery in digital picture manipulation ensures a flawless blend of materials, transforming concepts into mesmerizing visuals.

Unveiling Chroma Keying

Delve into the artistry of chroma key compositing, a post-production marvel that seamlessly merges two visual streams through the enchantment of color hues. This dynamic technique finds applications across domains—from news broadcasting to motion pictures and gaming realms. At its core, chroma keying extracts subjects from backgrounds, paving the way for innovation. Our forte lies in rendering foreground color ranges transparent, facilitating the insertion of background footage with unparalleled precision.

The Seamless Fusion:
Match Moving

Empower your projects with match moving—a technique seamlessly melding computer graphics with live-action footage. This synergy ensures perfect alignment with real-world objects. Our adeptness in gauging camera position, scale, orientation, and motion facilitates the creation of awe-inspiring effects that harmonize with reality. Rotoscoping, photogrammetry, motion tracking, or camera solving—we wield these tools expertly to manifest your vision. Trust us for exceptional results.

Canvas of Illusion:
Matte Painting

Matte painting, an age-old technique, breathes life into unattainable vistas. By seamlessly integrating painted landscapes with live-action scenes, we craft authentic environments that enrich storytelling. The canvas remains static, while digitally infused movement and elements amplify the illusion—a masterstroke in storytelling.

Precision Redefined:

In the visual effects tapestry, rotoscoping weaves intricate mats for live-action elements. Meticulously tracing subjects frame by frame, we enable composited elements to grace new backgrounds. Amidst the chroma key’s dominance, rotoscoping perseveres for subjects beyond green/blue screens. Our meticulous attention yields control and precision, albeit time-intensive—an instrument of compositional finesse.

Vanishing Wires:
Wire Removal

Wire removal, a blend of automation and manual artistry, banishes the visible strings from the visual spectrum. Whether actors soar on wires or models defy gravity, our live-action plates against green backdrops pave the way. Frame by frame, wires vanish, leaving an untainted backdrop for later embellishments. Automation streamlines wire erasure, yet non-green wires require meticulous manual editing—a testament to detail and precision.

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