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“Women’s Ward dot IR” is a surreal and fantastical stage play set in present-day Iran. It tells the story of four women who died due to domestic and social brutality in different parts of the country. The play explores a fantasy afterlife world and the judgment of humanity. This portrayal reflects the harsh reality faced by women in Iran, where they are treated as inferior and have to constantly defend themselves. The play’s storyline is fictional but inspired by real-life events.


Baharak Salehniya, Afsaneh Sarfejoo, İlkay Bilgiç, Rose Nouri

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Baharak Salehniya, Afsaneh Sarfejoo


Persis Films

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Live Stage Play


Baharak Salehniya
Afsaneh Sarfejoo
İlkay Bilgiç
Rose Nouri


Üstün Akmen Tiyatro Ödülleri

We are delighted and honored to announce that our play has been recognized and celebrated in prestigious theater festivals. At the Üstün Akmen Tiyatro Ödülleri 2022-2023 Theater Festival, we were humbled to receive the esteemed Selection Committee Special Award (Seçici Kurul Özel Ödülü). This recognition is a testament to the outstanding work and dedication of our talented team, with the award being presented to our esteemed producer, Xarovan Eskandari.

Yeni Tiyatro Dergisi Emek ve Başarı Ödülleri

Furthermore, our success continued at the Yeni Tiyatro Dergisi Emek ve Başarı Ödülleri 2023 theater festival. We were thrilled to receive multiple accolades, including the Best Poster Design (En İyi Afiş Tasarımları) award, which was brilliantly executed by Müjde Başkale. Additionally, we were honored to be recognized with the Contribution to Turkish Language Award (Türkçe’ye Katkı Ödülü), acknowledging the exceptional efforts of Alireza Hosseini.

These awards serve as a testament to our commitment to artistic excellence and innovation, and we are grateful for the recognition and support we have received. We remain dedicated to using the power of art to shed light on the challenges faced by women globally and work towards a more inclusive and equal society.


Act 1

Leila hails from a traditional city in southern Iran. She was coerced into a marriage with her cousin under the influence of her parents, adhering to the customs of her tribe.

Although she burned with a fervent desire to pursue her education, her husband prevented her from doing so until she defied him and covertly joined a university. Upon discovering her actions, her husband took her life in order to preserve his perceived honor.

Act 2

Azin, a trendy and spirited teenager immersed in the world of hip-hop, holds a deep reverence for rap music and vocal artistry.

In response to her family’s resistance towards singing, she decides to leave her home. Yet, confronted by the strict prohibition of women’s vocal performances as deemed unlawful in Iran, Azin finds herself compelled to align with subversive and desperate underground music collectives.

Over time, her mounting frustration drives her towards experimenting with drugs, ultimately leading her down a perilous path that tragically claims her life due to substance abuse.

Act 3

Arzoo, a young girl from Kurdish clans in Iran, became a child bride at thirteen due to poverty and her father’s disability. Married to a sixty-year-old businessman, she faced financial decline and alcoholism in her husband. Despite her efforts as a housemaid to afford her sick child’s treatment, her husband resented the child and prioritized alcohol. Tragically, he ended the child’s life, prompting Arzoo to take justice into her own hands by ending her husband’s life. This act, born from grief and maternal love, led to her death sentence within the legal system.

Act 4

Aida, a dedicated student enrolled at Tehran University, was an ardent advocate for justice. Her proactive stance led her to actively respond to and protest against prevalent social and political issues. Consequently, she found herself repeatedly summoned by different political and security entities. Tragically, during the protests that followed the 2008 presidential election, her life was cut short by a fatal gunshot fired directly by the police.


Afsaneh Sarfejoo
Baharak Salehniya
Director, Script Writer
Xarovan Eskandari
Asfasneh Sarfejoo
Alev Topal
Amir Mohabbati
Ra Yavuz
Fatih Candaş
Müjde Başkale
Ashkan Masti
Nazanin Masti
Alireza Hosseini
Yağmur Ruken Kahraman
İlkay Bilgiç (mezopART)
Alireza Hosseini
Özgür Bektaş Kılıç
Set and Costume Design
Light Design
Sound Design
Light Design Assistant
Poster Design
Still Image and Video
Assistant Director
Production Manager
Production Assistant
Production Consult
Farsi/Turkish Translator
Subtitle Translator

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Sanat Okur

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