Brand Refresh

Music and Family Networks


A partnership between Persis Films and AAA Broadcasting embarked on a transformative journey to reimagine the visual identities of “AAA Music” and “AAA Family.” With a shared vision, we endeavored to uphold their prestigious standing within the music and entertainment realm while infusing them with new vitality.

Our mission was clear: to craft identities that not only resonate with their loyal audience but also allure new enthusiasts. Through a fusion of creativity and innovation, we set out to breathe fresh life into these two entities, reinforcing their place at the forefront of the cultural landscape. The result? A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity that captivates, engages, and cements their relevance for years to come.


In close collaboration with the AAA team, we embarked on a journey to cultivate a robust toolkit of signature textures, patterns, and animations that embody the essence of the brand. Leveraging the iconic logo mark as a foundational element, we skillfully layered multiple textures to illustrate how AAA deftly gathers and mirrors the mosaic of pop culture.

This toolkit emerged as a dynamic canvas, painting a vivid narrative of aggregation and reflection. Every texture, every pattern, every animation intricately weaved a tale of cultural resonance. Our approach was a meticulous fusion of art and strategy, where each element not only resonated aesthetically but also encapsulated the essence of AAA’s role as a cultural conduit.

Through this process, we fashioned a visual symphony that is not only arresting but also reflective of AAA’s mission to encapsulate the ever-evolving landscape of pop culture. This toolkit stands as a testament to our collaborative efforts, breathing life into the brand’s narrative and shaping its lasting impact on the entertainment sphere.


The refreshed appearance is designed with a clear purpose: to establish a unified brand identity that seamlessly extends across various platforms. This modern transformation not only pays homage to our existing viewers but also extends an inviting hand to new audiences.

Our intention is to forge a bridge between tradition and modernity, drawing in a diverse range of viewers while maintaining a strong connection with our loyal base. This contemporary attitude resonates throughout the visual journey, encapsulating the essence of evolution while embracing the rich heritage that we’ve cultivated.

In essence, our new look stands as a testament to our commitment to growth, inclusivity, and innovation. Through this transformation, we invite all, old and new, to partake in a dynamic and engaging experience that reflects the spirit of the times while honoring the roots that have brought us here.

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