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At Persis Films, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional projects tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Our recent endeavor involved creating a compelling production for the renowned MBC Group. Recognizing their audience’s unwavering appetite for novelty, our mission was to captivate and engage in a way that resonates deeply. The challenge of maintaining a vibrant and relevant appeal within the regional broadcasting landscape was met with our expertise and ingenuity. Our distinct ability to breathe life into projects ensures that MBC Group remains a frontrunner in delivering fresh and captivating content to its discerning viewers.


Embarking on a journey of boundless creativity, we initiated this venture as an experimental project. Our objective? To test the limits of innovation and reimagine the MBC2 network, a cornerstone channel within the esteemed MBC Group.

Our focus was clear: build upon the existing rebrand, steering it towards new horizons instead of a complete overhaul. The essence of “Heroes Within” remained our guiding star, a theme that resonated profoundly. However, our vision stretched beyond the realm of traditional superheroes, embracing a versatile spectrum of programming.

With meticulous craftsmanship, we sculpted a narrative that expanded the boundaries of “Heroes Within.” The result? A redefined MBC2 that speaks to a broader audience, engaging in a dialogue that transcends the ordinary and unearths the extraordinary. This project exemplifies our unwavering commitment to pushing creative frontiers, delivering a nuanced and captivating experience that defines the very essence of Persis Films.

Persis Films

Brands are more than just visual entities; they’re immersive experiences. Beyond a company’s logo and online presence, the essence of a brand must resonate in the physical realm as well. This is where our expertise shines.

At Persis Films, we craft not just aesthetics, but holistic encounters. Our mastery extends to designing displays that captivate, signage that guides, and way-finding systems that seamlessly navigate spaces. Whether it’s the interior sanctuary of your business or the external architecture that beckons, we orchestrate designs that breathe life into your brand’s essence.

Our creations are a symphony of form and function, ensuring your brand thrives within spaces of every dimension. Elevating the tangible embodiment of your brand, we ensure that it doesn’t just exist but flourishes, making an indelible mark on those who engage with it.

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