Music Channel

Continuing our partnership with GEM Group, we proudly introduced the MiFa Network in June 2013. A collaboration that harmoniously blended orchestrated music with modern vibrancy. Our crafted brand, animation, and graphics package celebrated GEM Group’s heritage while embracing a dynamic, colorful, and funky style, bridging tradition and youthful energy seamlessly. MiFa Network emerged as a captivating symphony that resonates across generations, a testament to our commitment to innovative design.

The Brand

Introducing “MiFa Music” – a name that encapsulates a dual aura of esoteric significance.

Drawing inspiration from the universal language of music theory, “MiFa” harmonizes with the renowned solfège naming convention, spanning across cultures from Italy to Persia. This symphony of meaning stems from the sequential notes: Mi (E in English) and Fa (F in English), embodying a melodious lineage.

However, the enchantment doesn’t stop there. “MiFa” gracefully unfolds as an acronym, embracing the dynamic duality of “Music International” and the resonance of “Farsi.” This multi-faceted essence mirrors the global appeal of music while paying homage to its roots.

In this fusion of melody and language, “MiFa Music” emerges as a beacon of cross-cultural harmony, uniting notes and narratives to create an enchanting auditory tapestry that transcends borders.


Elevating the bond between enthusiasts and the brand, we introduced a pivotal creative facet known as “contained kinetic energy.” This dynamic concept materialized as a collection of icons, each a vessel of vibrant energy. Bursting with a kaleidoscope of hues, these icons pulsate with a visual vitality, a dynamic heartbeat that breathes life into them.

This ingenious interplay of color and motion serves as a poignant reminder to fans of the driving force behind their unyielding passion for MiFa content. It’s a harmonious symphony of sight and sensation, igniting a connection that goes beyond the screen.

Through “contained kinetic energy,” we unearthed a potent mechanism to engage hearts and minds, fusing the energy of enthusiasts with the ethos of the MiFa brand. This creative essence propels us forward, reinforcing the harmonious rhythm that unites fans and their ardor for MiFa’s captivating world.

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