Documentary TV Network


When IRIB (Iran National Television) reached out to us, a new chapter of creative collaboration began to unfold. Our mission: to breathe life into the visual identity, network package, and brand campaign for their distinguished documentary network, aptly named “Mostanad.”

“Mostanad,” a word that resonates in the Persian language as “Documentary,” encapsulates the heart of our endeavor. Through this project, we aim to embody the very essence of this genre – capturing truth, authenticity, and the power of storytelling.

Guided by this intrinsic value, we embarked on a journey to craft a visual landscape that honors the richness of documentaries. Every element, from the logo to the campaign, will be a tribute to the impactful narratives that documentaries deliver, reflecting the profound bond between reality and creativity. Our collaboration with IRIB stands as a beacon of our dedication to weaving captivating stories that transcend borders and languages, united under the universal language of humanity.


The core essence of the revitalized Mostanad brand was to cast a global spotlight, illuminating narratives that traverse continents. Rooted in a blend of sophistication and contemporary flair, the rebrand encapsulates a renewed attitude, emphasizing the authentic and empowering facets that define Mostanad.

As Mostanad upgraded from SD to Full HD format, this transformation was more than just visual; it was a paradigm shift. Our design philosophy reverberated with a fresh energy, breathing life into the brand while respecting its heritage.

The visual journey was meticulously curated, intertwining sleek modernity with the richness of tradition. This reimagined style became a beacon that celebrated authenticity, inviting viewers to explore diverse narratives through a vibrant lens. In the realm of Full HD, the Mostanad brand transcended visual clarity, evoking emotions and sparking conversations that resonated across the globe.


The rebranding journey and accompanying campaign breathe life into Mostanad’s brand platform by skillfully highlighting the intricate elements concealed within the logo and typography, alongside a dynamic animated rendition of the logo. This visionary endeavor unlocks a new chapter for Mostanad, rooted in a profound mission: to spotlight the paramount documentary narratives that unite humanity.

In this evolution, the brand’s essence comes alive, drawing attention to the nuanced details embedded within the logo and typography. The animated logo serves as a captivating emblem of this transformation, encapsulating the spirit of motion and progression.

This renewed mission is a testament to Mostanad’s commitment to weaving a global tapestry of significant stories, ones that transcend borders and foster connection. This significant rebrand marks a pivotal moment in Mostanad’s journey, its first major transformation since its inception in 2009. It’s an embodiment of growth, a manifestation of evolution, and a beacon of a united vision that resonates with audiences far and wide.

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