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As 2013 drew to a close, an intriguing opportunity crossed our path. The GEM group entrusted us with the task of crafting a brand for a truly extraordinary and unconventional movie channel.

Charged with the mission of distinctiveness, we embarked on a journey to shape a brand that would stand unrivaled. At the heart of our endeavor was the commitment to create a brand that would not only set itself apart but would hold the reins of innovation, capturing a competitive edge over its counterparts.

With meticulous dedication, we forged a brand identity that defied convention and redefined the very essence of cinematic experiences. Our work became a testament to GEM’s visionary spirit, culminating in a brand that radiated uniqueness and commanded an unparalleled presence in its industry.


Our aspiration was to sculpt a brand that not only honored its origins but also embraced a spectrum of diversity.

Guided by this vision, we conceived the name “ONYX” as the embodiment of our creative endeavor. Just as the onyx stone, a mesmerizing oxide mineral celebrated in the realm of jewelry and gems, our brand too would be a precious gem in the world of entertainment.

Amidst a symphony of brainstorming sessions, we unveiled a distinctive choice: the color yellow. This vibrant hue, handpicked from a palette of possibilities, was meticulously chosen to transcend the ordinary and elevate ONYX above its competitors. In this chromatic tapestry, we found the perfect canvas to enliven and accentuate the brand, weaving a story of distinction that would resonate with its audience.

A cultural insight:

In its quest to captivate Persian-speaking audiences, ONYX embarked on a journey that defied conventional norms. It’s fascinating to note that the adoption of yellow as a brand color remained a relatively uncharted territory within this cultural landscape. Curiously, shades of red, blue, and green had monopolized the color spectrum, leaving behind a trail of untapped potential in the realms of yellow, pink, and orange.

In this vibrant tapestry of cultural nuances, ONYX emerged as a pioneering trailblazer. As the first TV brand to proudly embrace yellow as its predominant hue, ONYX stood as an emblem of innovation and courage. This daring choice not only set it apart but also illuminated a path that would forever alter the canvas of television branding within this demographic.

In a world where tradition often holds sway, ONYX’s audacious step forward created ripples of change, infusing the visual landscape with a new, vibrant language that resonated deeply with its Persian-speaking viewers.


The fruition of our efforts has been nothing short of remarkable. Since its inception in 2014, ONYX has ascended to the pinnacle of popularity within the GEM group’s array of TV channels.

A beacon of allure, ONYX captivates audiences with its exquisite offerings. It stands as a haven for cinematic enthusiasts, presenting a tapestry of the latest movies across diverse genres. Each frame is meticulously curated to provide an unparalleled viewing experience, whether through impeccable dubbing or captivating subtitles.

But our dedication didn’t stop there. Every facet of ONYX, from its content to its aesthetic, has been crafted with precision. The designs that grace its screen are a testament to our commitment to visual splendor. Each element, meticulously conceived, contributes to an immersive journey that envelopes the senses.

As a result, ONYX has etched its mark as a paragon of excellence, a resplendent jewel in the GEM group’s crown. Its popularity is a testament to the confluence of creativity, innovation, and quality that defines our brand.

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