TV Persia


Group of TV Networks

In a groundbreaking collaboration, TV Persia Entertainment joined forces with Persis Films to breathe new life into the visual identity of TVP – a cornerstone of Iran’s satellite television landscape.

Our creative journey extended further as we embarked on the creation of two distinct brands for TVP’s fresh ventures: TVP2 and TVP3.

TVP2 emerged as a captivating haven, dedicated to the spirit of lifestyle and entertainment tailored for women. A canvas where aspirations take flight and dreams unfold, it radiates a touch of elegance and charm.

On the other hand, TVP3 ushered in a realm of youthful exuberance, designed to captivate teenagers and younger audiences. A playground of vibrant energy, TVP3 boasts a funky kick that adds a dynamic twist to its programming.

These new identities are a testament to the symbiotic relationship between TV Persia, its audience, and the talent that graces its screens. A compelling narrative weaved from these threads results in an entertainment brand that stands as a beacon of inspiration. At its core lies the promise that TVP aspires to enhance life’s journey, painting every moment with brushstrokes of joy and enrichment.

We meticulously crafted a versatile content framework that infuses every facet with inherent value and purpose. Through the art of unique storytelling and strategic infusion of information and entertainment, our creation becomes a seamless tapestry that resonates deeply.

This adaptable framework serves as a dynamic canvas, where each element contributes meaningfully to the overarching narrative. It’s a fusion of art and strategy, where every piece of content becomes a brushstroke that paints a vivid picture of engagement and enrichment. With each twist and turn, the audience embarks on a journey that transcends mere consumption, forging a lasting connection that captivates the mind and heart.

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