Empty Sidewalk


“Empty Sidewalks” is a gripping love story set amidst the backdrop of war. Barbod, the son of a fallen soldier, secures a scholarship in International Law and leaves his homeland to study abroad. He crosses paths with Sara, a talented photography student from Iraq, whose family fled to Turkey to escape the ravages of war. As their love blossoms, a shocking revelation threatens to tear them apart: Sara’s father was responsible for Barbod’s father’s death during the Iran-Iraq conflict. Barbod now faces a heart-wrenching choice between seeking revenge or preserving his love for Sara.


Morteza Aghili, Rabe’e Oskoie, Chakame Chamanmah, Benyamin Ahmadi

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Persis Films

Persis Films took charge of every aspect of post-production, from film editing to color grading, sound design to original soundtrack creation, international M&E exports, and ensuring overall quality control. The project was a delight to work on, and everyone involved was filled with immense excitement throughout the process.


Mehdi Mazloumi


GEM Production

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4K Digital Cinema
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