The story revolves around a strained relationship between a husband and wife. The wife is pregnant, but the husband is unsure about wanting a child and is grappling with whether or not to share his feelings with her. Meanwhile, a young photographer lands a project at a studio owned by a renowned model. As she works closely with him, she discovers that the model is battling cancer and is deeply depressed, waiting for his impending death. The photographer offers him hope and compassion, forging a genuine bond. Misinterpreting her actions, the husband believes she is having an affair and contemplates killing her. However, his plan fails, and during a subsequent police investigation, the truth unfolds, revealing that it was all a misunderstanding.


Baharak Salehniya, Benyamin Ahmadi, Atila Paknahad, Maria Karimi

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Persis Films

Persis Films took charge of the entire post-production process, encompassing film editing, color grading, sound design, original soundtrack creation, international M&E exports, and overall quality control. Our team worked cohesively to meet the demanding deadline, and we succeeded. The outcome was exceptional, and everyone involved, particularly the director and producers, expressed immense satisfaction with the final product. One of the hurdles we encountered was the absence of effects and ambiance sounds, necessitating us to create them from scratch. Fortunately, our immensely talented foley artist and sound designer, Amir Mohabbati, performed an outstanding job on this project.


Mehdi Mazloumi

Executive Producer

Saeed Karimian

Production Date



4K Digital Cinema
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