Once Upon a Time in Antalya


Get ready for a wild ride as a bunch of clueless dudes set off on their virgin voyage away from Mom’s watchful eye! These wide-eyed rookies are practically bursting with excitement as they dive headfirst into this rollercoaster of an adventure. Hold onto your hats, because on Day One, fate decides to play matchmaker and introduces our heroes to a gang of feisty girls who unwittingly become the ignition for a comedic chain reaction of uproarious escapades and wild misadventures. It’s a vacation they’ll never forget.


Benyamin Ahmadi, Sara Bahonar, Parviz Zeydi, Mahsa Mojarrad

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Persis Films

Persis Films took charge of all post-production procedures, encompassing film editing, color grading, sound design, original soundtrack creation, international M&E exports, and comprehensive quality control. The project was incredibly enjoyable, and everyone involved was brimming with excitement throughout.


Atila Paknahad


GEM Production

Production Date



4K Digital Cinema
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