Beautiful City


“Beautiful City” is a riotous comedy set in a luxurious Antalya hotel. When a quirky family inherits the chaotic establishment, they clash with a trio of hilariously inept employees. Add a stern new manager to the mix, and you have a side-splitting blend of mishaps, mayhem, and heartwarming moments.


Morteza Aghili, Pardis Afkari, Baharak Salehniya, Kasra Raoufi, Inroducing: Xaniar Ghasemi, Mehran Moazzeni, Majid Ahmadi



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Persis Films

The project was an absolute delight, filled with humorous moments and exciting challenges. “Beautiful City” captivated audiences five days a week, with each episode running approximately 45-60 minutes. The dedicated production team worked tirelessly, often only two days ahead of schedule. Every day, we received fresh footage on-site, and the challenge to deliver a high-quality episode began anew. Despite the time constraints, the show proved to be highly entertaining and pushed the boundaries. It quickly became one of the most beloved Iranian comedy shows in recent years. Persis Films handled all aspects of post-production, including editing, color correction, music, sound design, and exports, all within a remarkable 18-hour timeframe per episode.


Mehdi Mazloumi

Executive Producer

Saeed Karimian

Production Date





When a lavish five-star hotel in Antalya, Turkey falls into the hands of Ardeshir Rouhafza and his wife after the passing of Ardeshir’s uncle, they find themselves at a crossroads. The uncle’s attorney urges them to sell the hotel, but Ardeshir and his wife hesitate, sensing something more beneath the surface.

The opulent hotel is in shambles, lacking proper management, and its decline becomes evident to the couple’s daughter and son-in-law, who make a covert visit with their children. Witnessing the chaos, they embark on a covert mission to alert Ardeshir and his wife without raising suspicions.

Meanwhile, a trio of bumbling and mischievous hotel employees, known for their hilariously absurd antics, are thrown into disarray when a new Hotel Manager, the formidable and no-nonsense “Mrs. Mehrak,” takes the reins. Their antics reach a whole new level as they navigate their fear of the strict manager, desperately attempting to outwit her while maintaining their jobs.

As the chaos ensues, the hotel staff realize the imminent consequences of their actions and fear impending unemployment. In a daring move, they decide to cooperate with the attorney’s plan and strategically persuade the Rouhafza family to sell the hotel. Their goal? Securing their positions and potentially earning a lavish commission.

“Beautiful City” is a sidesplitting comedy that intertwines the comically disastrous escapades of the three hapless employees with the stern, yet comically exaggerated, demeanor of Mrs. Mehrak. The collision of these worlds creates a hilarious, heartwarming, and oftentimes absurdly relatable atmosphere, offering viewers a delightful escape into the humorous intricacies of human nature and the unexpected twists that life often brings.

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