Somewhere in the Shadows


In the eerie tale, a father finds himself residing in a secluded property that was recently sold by a long-absent owner. However, he quickly becomes aware of a haunting presence within the premises, as objects inexplicably move and unsettling events unfold. Filled with fear, the father flees from the terrifying occurrences, only to be drawn back by even stranger happenings in the city. As he delves deeper into the mystery, he uncovers the spine-chilling truth, concealed in the enigmatic realm known as Somewhere in the Shadows.


Baharak Salehniya, Mani Kasraian, Nader Goharkhani, Parisa Vazifedoost, Mahtab Shokrizade

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Persis Films

Persis Films oversaw every aspect of post-production, encompassing film editing, color grading, sound design, original soundtrack composition, international M&E exports, and comprehensive quality control measures.


Abbas Moradian


GEM Production

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4K Digital Cinema
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