In this captivating film, a group of friends hires a smuggler to escape their country under the cover of darkness. When the smuggler betrays them, they must take drastic measures and embark on a daring escape, plagued by questions of who they’re running from and where they’re heading. Throughout a suspenseful night, they grapple with uncertainties and unwittingly make a grave error at dawn. Pursued by ruthless smugglers, the protagonists experience a harrowing journey filled with fear, panic, and isolation as they strive to reach an unfamiliar destination.


Baharak Salehniya, Chakame Chamanmah, Melissa Ban, Benyamin Ahmadi, Ata Tehrani, Ehsan Ghazi Pour

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Iman Tahsin


Haurvatat Film

Production Date



4K Digital Cinema


The awe-inspiring journey known as Utopia was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of GEM TV and Haurvatat Film, our joint company. This captivating experience was skillfully crafted under the direction of Iman Tahsin, who is not only a talented cinematographer but also a truly captivating director.

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